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This week we are taking a couple of minutes to introduce you to J&M’s business operations specialist, Mark Jamieson.  If you’ve worked with us, odds are you’ve interacted with Mark.  Mark has been with J&M for 6 years, and he manages our corporate logistics, administers our contracts, and supports our team members on deployment.  Around J&M, Mark is also considered our unofficial “Chief Health Officer,” encouraging everyone to eat healthy snacks and sharing health information and tips about with the team.  Thanks to Mark, everyone at J&M now uses standing desks!  With all this, did you know that Mark actually majored in Psychology at King’s College in Pennsylvania?  We’ll let him tell you more about it and about what he likes to do when he’s not at work…


As an undergrad, I interned at an inpatient behavioral hospital for a year and a half.  There, I had the opportunity to administer and score psychological assessments. I worked for a down-to-earth psychologist that loved college football, as well as a younger psychometrist (person that administers psychological testing) who I still keep in touch with today. I learned more about psychology, work ethic, the workplace, and life during that time than I did through all my years of high school and college. I liked learning and operating outside of the classroom in the real world and being able to find a practical application to my studies.

Mark hiking at the Hoover DamIn my free time, I enjoy hiking, traveling, photography, nutrition, volunteering, and visiting local farms and sourcing local foods. I believe food and nature are the most powerful healers of mind, body and spirit. I find hiking to be both freeing and liberating. I spend a lot of my free time hiking the Appalachian Trail. I have always been completely captivated and mystified by an essentially never ending trail that weaves its way through the oldest mountains in the world. While most of my time on the trail had been me alone with my camera, I now take my dog Lachia (named after the Appalachia region) with me. I feel very blessed every time I am able to get on the trail and walk in the woods.   

As a small business, J&M has afforded me the opportunity work on many different projects and business functions. The favorite part of my job is interacting with a variety of clients, partners, and co-workers from different disciplines and different parts of the country. I also value having the opportunity to work with my father, which I realize is an opportunity many people do not have.  Another benefit of working at J&M is being surrounded by a team that works hard and maintains a high level of professionalism while still enjoying life outside of the office.  Establishing balance between professional responsibilities and personal activities is extremely important to me. 

– Mark

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